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Top 10 History Best Books for Competitive Exam

Top 10 History Best Books for Competitive Exam

Top 10 History Best Books for Competitive Exam

Top 10 History Best Books for Competitive Exam

Top 10 History Best Books for Competitive Exam

History is a part of preparing for competitive exams.  We could not substract history from are exam sylabus as we ought to know about our ancient culture.

Let's See few points about importance of history
Why History is so important for us to know :

1. Evolutionary -In the very beginning, I have mentioned it repeats on the same land. For instance Battle of panipat, you container clearly epitomized that geography of the battle had remained the same but battle of 1st panipat concluded in the 3rd battle. The learning and understanding from those battles were evolutionary.

2. System understanding -: You will get to know the unprecedented changes which were happened in the past and made prerequisites for the happening in future. For instance, after demonetization, the people who are residing in villages are returning back to barter trade (no cash but trade) . But it does ‘not happen in urban areas. It seems as the understanding of sympathy besides empathetic feeling gets rejuvenated. So it can be termed as positive impact of demonetization.

3. Societal norms : Everything is changing, so society is no exception. The occurrence of Varna system becomes minuscule since the domination of education came into being.

4. Education - We have talked about the spread of education towards masses, but now we are talking about education towards MARS. Initially, education was confined to a few elite group, but now it has been reached to every nook and corner of the world.

5. Struggle - Because of the word ‘struggle’, I am able to write this answer freely. The struggle represents the efforts of Gandhi and numerous leaders who had fought with velour and strove towards the excellence of independence.

6. Constitution - To remember our ideals of freedom struggle, establishment has provided the safeguard to respect them, wherein it gives fundamental duties to respect your ideals.

7. From 1 to all - We had told to become an introvert and in unison, but history told us that helping others is equivocal to helping yourself. For instance, LPG reforms opened the path of extrovertness and pave the way for sociability towards the whole world.

8. Truth and Non -violence: The astounded values under the aegis of Gandhiji became the bedrock of our ideology. That’s why we claimed and said No to use weapon on 1st instance

History is a topic which is not only important for exam, but for our better knowledge.

Here are the Best Books for History in Pdf

Material Name
Prachin Gujarat No Itihas
Medieval History Hand Written Notes 90 Pages PDF
Gujarat No Bhugol 1150 Prashno Pdf File
Gujarat History Most IMP Question PDF Download
History Of Gujarat Sindhi Sanskruti Liberty PDF Download
Gujarat No Sampurn Itihas Book PDF Download
1500 History Question Answer Ebook Free Download
Gujarat No Itihas World InBox PDF Download

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