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WhatsApp 5 New Amazing Features

WhatsApp 5 New Amazing Features 

WhatsApp 5 New Amazing Features 

WhatsApp 5 New Amazing Features
WhatsApp 5 New Amazing Features 

WhatsApp continues to use new experiments to keep the world's most popular messaging app.

The popularity of this popular Facebook-owned app can be estimated from the fact that the number of users is more than one and a half billion.
To maintain its empire, WhatsApp has been working on five new features. It includes online status, including dark mode and money transfers.

Five new features

Dark Mode: After turning on Doc mode on WhatsApp, not only will the user's eyes get less emphasis, but its look will also look neat. Its spare battery will also cost less. Now this feature is not available on Whatsapp, but there is speculation about its early start.

Hide Online Status: Through this feature, people can hide their 'Last Seine, Read and Receipt' status while keeping the full control.

Large size picture: Whatsapp automatically reduces the resolution of photos automatically to share photos, which reduces the quality of photos of larger sizes. Now you can get the resolution of large size photo sharing, without lower resolution.

Backup feature: Whatsapp will now not only support backups of chats, but they can also be kept safe even after changing devices. However, going from Android to iOS devices can be difficult.

Whatsapp Pay: Whatsapp has started testing in India since last year, based on UPI. Soon it can provide money transfer facility.

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